• Hackwith the Moxtra SDK

We love hackathons. If the Moxtra team had time to attend every single one, we would. We enjoy nothing more than seeing hackers innovate and build creative products they are proud of, in just a single weekend. It’s an even prouder moment for us when we see apps integrate the Moxtra SDK.

By now, we hope you’re asking, “How can the Moxtra SDK help me in a hackathon?”

We’re here to help. If you have an idea for an app that involves users communicating and collaborating in real time, we’ve got the tools you need. Imagine your users chatting, sharing files, commenting with visual annotations and voice clips, meeting and sharing screens with each other. The Moxtra SDK can help you add these capabilities to your app in just a few minutes.

Spend your time at the hackathons building your core product, and leave the powerful collaboration tools to us.

The Moxtra SDK is a mobile first power communication and collaboration layer for your mobile and web apps. It allows seamless integration of Moxtra functionalities to bring these capabilities to your app and content. We believe that adding a rich communication layer, seamlessly integrated into the context of your application, will boost real-time engagement within your product. For consumer apps, integrating the Moxtra SDK brings newer levels of engagement and stickiness, helping with adoption, usage and virality. With business apps integrated with our SDK, teams can engage with each other in real time in-app, to get tasks done.

  • SDK Poweredapp ideas

Here are few ideas to help you get started!

Use Case
How Moxtra SDK can help?
Private Social Networks
The Moxtra Chat and Meet modules in your app can make it easier for you to enable niche groups to connect with each other and have on-going rich multimedia conversations. Consider the following examples: Perhaps extended family members want to communicate with each other but not on a social network, or a new hire wants to keep in touch with a mentor without ‘friending’ one another.
Shop Together
Shopping together is a lot more fun than shopping alone. Clip items from around the web, discuss potential purchases, and record voice-overs on images to make online shopping more interactive with the Moxtra Chat module.
Moxtra + RetailMeNot + Gap + Target
Private Event Capture
Relive every amazing memory. The Moxtra Chat Module can help you keep everyone in the loop with up-to-date details, collect all event photos & videos from guests, so you can see and share the story of your event journey.
Travel Together
Use Moxtra Chat SDK to create space to chat, share images, itinerary, expense reports, etc. with travel group
Moxtra + Sabre + Concur + ESRI
Baby Book
Record and share your baby’s every milestone! Use the Moxtra Chat Module to share pictures and videos of their first words, steps, and more, with family and friends
Doctor-Patient Relationship
Doctors and patients need the clearest of communication tools. With the Moxtra Chat Module, share and discuss medical records, treatment plans, and test reports at any time, from the safety and security of your private binder
Parent-Teacher Communication
Keep parents in the loop with the Moxtra Chat Module, by easily sharing progress reports and classroom alerts, so they can understand their student’s development throughout the year
Classroom Collaboration
Help your students get the grades they deserve. Use the Moxtra Modules to have them collaborate with each other on group projects, study sessions, and quick questions, even when they are away from classroom.
Moxtra + Pearson
Teaching Collaboration
Use the Moxtra Modules to provide teachers with tools to cross-communicate with each other, whether it is to share lesson plans or discuss teaching methods, or class photos, all over the world
Moxtra + Versal
Real Time Client Engagement
Invite your potential clients to a shared binder space with the Moxtra Chat and Meet Modules, where your sales team can interact with them, sharing content and meeting in real time to close the deal
Moxtra + Concur
Creative Collaboration
Bring color and life to your company branding and design by adding verbal and visual feedback to any outbound collateral, by using the Moxtra Clip and Draw Modules
Moxtra + Evernote
Workspaces within Process Apps
With the Moxtra Chat and Moxtra Meet Module,easily access all your project content and task management to your team’s organized virtual binder spaces, allowing team collaboration to be seamless and effortless

  • Moxtra Sponsoredhackathons

Sep 5 - 7
Ann Arbor
$1000 for the best Collaboration Hack, Presented by Moxtra
Sep 6 - 7
San Francisco
Reward for top three Moxtra SDK implementations
1. Mentorship with Subrah Iyar - CEO of Moxtra and co-founder of WebEx
2. One year free and unlimited use of the Moxtra SDK in their winning app (if they commercialize it)
3. $1000 cash for the first-place winner; $500 cash each for the second and third place winners
Sep 12 - 14
$1000 for the best Collaboration Hack, Presented by Moxtra
Sep 19 - 21
Waterloo, ON
$1000 for the best Collaboration Hack, Presented by Moxtra
Oct 3 - 5
Berkeley, CA
$1000 for the best Collaboration Hack, Presented by Moxtra
Oct 31- Nov 2
New Haven, CT
$1000 for the best Collaboration Hack, Presented by Moxtra

  • ABOUTMoxtra SDK

Moxtra Meet Module
With the Meet module, your users can instantly start a full fledged meeting with screen sharing and audio conferencing while on the go. Presenters can invite attendees via email or SMS. While in a Meet, attendees can use voice, chat, and share a wide range of content. Some examples include, presentations, documents, desktop or app screens, and pictures and videos dynamically captured from desktop, mobile devices, or cloud storage services. Attendees can join a Meet from any mobile device or desktop and are not required to have Moxtra or your app if they choose to join from desktop. Meetings can be recorded and saved.

Key Features:
Screen Sharing
App Sharing
In Meet Chat

Moxtra Chat Module
The Chat module gives you access to a rich messaging service for one on one, group, or topic based conversations. With the Moxtra Chat SDK, your users can escalate conversations from simple text based chats, to audio, video, and web clips. Users can share any file from their mobile device, desktop, or cloud storage services. All conversations are stored in the Moxtra cloud, allowing users to fluidly navigate across devices and continue their conversations. Conversation history allows new members added to the conversation to catch up quickly.

Key Features:
Text Chat
Voice Chat
Add files and Annotate on files
Add/Invite Members
Start Meet from Chat
Create to-do from chat

Moxtra Clip Module
Use the Clip Module to enable your users to record voice-overs onto your app screens, or files stored in your app / in your cloud. The recorded clips are available as video files that can be stored locally, in your service, or the Moxtra could. These files can be shared with others via email, SMS, or social media.

Key Features:

Create clip with app screen
Create clip on files (Upload documents & images)
Download Clip as Movie
Preview Clip
Share Clip

Moxtra Draw Module
With the Moxtra Draw module, your users can annotate over files stored in your app or your cloud. The annotated files are available as video files that can be stored locally, in your service, or the Moxtra could. These files can be shared with others via email, SMS, or social media.

Key Features:

Annotate on files (Upload documents & images)
Download the annotated file as PDF
Share annotated file